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A Fast 和 Focused Education

  • Our degree programs are offered at an 加快了步伐, which allows you to graduate in approximately half the time of a traditional bachelor's program.
  • Courses are designed in a specific "building block" order, so your instructors underst和 where you are in your educational journey.
  • 我们的程序包含 more credit hours per month than traditional universities, helping you prepare for the 24/7的性质 你的行业.

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A Better Way to Build Curriculum

Each of our 校园 和 online degree programs has a set schedule of courses that each student takes in the same order. First, there are foundational courses, then you refine your skills based on your career goals.

Your program's predetermined course order also means there's no registration stress or worry about course availability.

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学习 it, Do It: Programs Built Around Project-Based 学习ing

本科 programs are designed with a series of Project 和 Portfolio classes, which keeps students creating throughout their program. As you move through the curriculum, you'll build a professional portfolio that can help you as you start your career. 研究生课程 are similarly designed around capstone, thesis, or portfolio courses, which focus your work toward a final, real-world result.

Curriculum Built on Real World Experience
Come to Florida or Study 在线: Your 校园 is Everywhere

我们两种都有 校园在线课程 across a wide variety of disciplines, so you can pursue your education from wherever you are. Whether you attend Full Sail on our 校园 in Winter Park, Florida, or from across the country, you’ll get the same access to industry experts, relevant 和 current curriculum, 和 industry-experienced instructors.

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A Place Where Imagination 和 技术 Work Together

Both 校园 和 online students take part in Project LaunchBox, a Full Sail program that provides students with powerful, degree-specific technology so you can be creative whenever inspiration strikes. 你所有的文件, 多媒体作品, 和 coursework are at your fingertips, 一天24小时, 一周七天.

Watch Imagination + 技术
Students Equipped with Career Strategies for Success

We want you to be ready for your career before you graduate, so we build professional development into our undergraduate degrees, including career modules such as Résumé Fundamentals, Networking, Personal Br和ing等等.

Our creative network includes students, alumni, educators, advisors, 和 guest speakers, 和 our dedicated career advisors help students connect with companies looking for talent. We also host exclusive career events throughout the year featuring companies like Microsoft Game Studios, Fox 体育 Florida, 和 IBM. 研究生s can also stay engaged 和 connected through the 校友 Network.

职业支持 Throughout Your Program
Four Decades of 校友的成功
Programs Developed with Industry Expertise 和 Feedback

Our educators bring knowledge 和 extensive professional experience to the table. They share a philosophy that teaching is less about lecturing 和 repetition等等 about coaching 和 mentorship.

Full Sail’s industry expertise also comes from 课堂之外, through industry advisors – outside pros who stay engaged with our educators to give feedback about changes, 进步, 和趋势, so our curriculum can stay current 和 relevant for our students.

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